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Support on Power Systems

  • 1.  Support on Power Systems

    Posted Tue October 25, 2022 11:45 AM

    Hello SPSS Modeler team,

    I am an IBM developer for the ESSL math libraries on Power Systems.  Our team was wondering if SPSS Modeler has support for IBM Power Systems?  And if so, which Power models do you support?

    In the documentation IBM SPSS Modeler - Essentials for R: Installation Instructions, there are mentions of installing on PowerLinux P8LE servers and you have users install BLAS/LAPACK math libraries via the XL compiler (step 6 in Building and Installing R from source on page 8).  The ESSL team develops high-performance BLAS libraries that would be significantly faster for doing vector/matrix computations on Power Systems versus base implementations provided by sources like Netlib.

    Brandon Groth