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How distributed system helps big data?

  • 1.  How distributed system helps big data?

    Posted Tue July 05, 2022 09:25 AM
    Ofc ds helps big data. One simple reason could be you can't keep 100s of servers communicating with each other without distributed system as the starting point.
     I want to write points and explain them for exam(10% weight of final exam paper). One point would be to scale you need multiple servers and for that you need distributed system(this doesn't look like a very good point though).

    I basically want to know few problems of big data that distributed system solves? i.e sth like inter-relationship between these two. 

    I feel like CAP theorem is also related here(I saw it in a book). please just tell me points, i'll learn them myself. (keywork points btw that are easily searchable in textbooks and google).

    i'd appreciate help really.

    Prabhat Pandey