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  • 1.  Help selecting appropriate analysis

    Posted Thu March 21, 2024 02:16 PM

    My research question is investigating the differences in smoking attitudes between two groups (smokers and non smokers). The data was collected using a questionnaire asking about smoking attitudes, 6 of the questions related to smoking attitudes and 4 of the questions related to smoking intentions.

    I was initially planning to run an independent t test on the data to compare the overall means of the two groups. However I think I could analyse the data even further by comparing smokers and non smokers in their overall score, attitude score and intention score. 

    I have spent several days trying to figure out which analysis would be appropriate for this but I'm getting no where. Would someone be able to help?

    Roslyn Rae

  • 2.  RE: Help selecting appropriate analysis

    Posted Fri March 22, 2024 01:52 AM

    I guess you are getting the responses in numbers. Like 0 Strongly Disagree to 5 Strongly Agree etc. T test seems to be reasonable where you may test the means of responses of each question between Smokers and Non-Smokers. You may club a bunch of questions by considering average response please. 

    Moloy De