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Announcing IBM AI Governance: Break open the black box

  • 1.  Announcing IBM AI Governance: Break open the black box

    Posted Tue October 04, 2022 01:07 PM

    It is well known that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed, moving past the era of experimentation. Today, AI presents an enormous opportunity to turn data into insights and actions, to amplify human capabilities, decrease risk and increase ROI by achieving break through innovations.

    While the promise of AI isn't guaranteed and doesn't always come easy, adoption is no longer a choice. It is an imperative.

    "Those businesses that decide to adopt AI technology will have an immense advantage, according to 72% of decision-makers. Furthermore, 59% of executives claim AI can improve the use of big data in their organizations, facts about artificial intelligence show. (IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2022.)"

    What is stopping AI adoption today?

    Check out the complete blog here:   Register for the IBM AI Governance Webcast  here

    Surekha Parekh
    Data & AI Community Leader