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  • 1.  Add IBM Watson Translator To Website

    Posted Mon February 20, 2023 09:31 AM

    How can i add IBM Watson Translator to website, so that user can choose his/her preferred language if he/she wants to translate a whole web page to its preferring language. If Any one have idea about that.


    Vipin Maurya

  • 2.  RE: Add IBM Watson Translator To Website

    Posted 21 days ago

    To create an instance of IBM Watson™ Language Translator service in IBM Cloud,

    1. login to IBM Cloud.

    2. Select Catalog from the top navigation bar.

    3. Search for language translator.

    4. Select the Language Translatortile.

    5. Select a region, for example Dallas.

    6. Select an Advanced or Premiumpricing plan.

      Note: Because, you are going to build a custom model with your dictionary, you must select an Advanced or Premium pricing plan.

    7. Give it a unique name, for example my-Language-Translator.

    8. Select Both public & prvate network for the Service Endpoints.

    9. Accept the default for the rest of settings.

    10. Click Create button. This create your Translator insstance.

    Paul Glenn