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  • 🚀🚀🚀 Generative AI Architectures: Check out these tested and deployable architectures that enable use of leading-edge hybrid cloud & AI technologies💥 👉 Retrieval Augmented Generation: Leveraging AI to produce factually correct outputs with ...

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  • Think 2024 will happen from May 20 to 23 at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center . We expect to have 5,000+ senior decision makers, 150+ distinguished speakers, and 1,000+ organizations with supporting keynotes around the essential elements ...

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    Have you heard of AskIBM?

    IBM is implementing generative AI solutions throughout our digital workplace using our own technology, showcasing client zero. We recently launched one of these solutions called AskIBM (or AskIBM Alpha) company-wide as an early adopter of ...

  • Hi Louis, Thanks for following up! As you pointed out, we actually updated our conversational chatbot architecture diagrams. I couldn't locate the previous one but I found this high-level architecture for WatsonX Assistant . Additionally, I recommend ...

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  • THINK 2024 Registration is Open!!!!

    20-23 May 2024
    Boston Convention & Exhibition Center 
    Boston, Massachusetts, United States

    We expect to have 5,000+ senior decision makers from 1,000+ organizations and supporting keynotes around the essential elements for AI readiness, AI scale and AI deployment including:

    • Hybrid cloud architecture
    • AI for governance
    • AI for cybersecurity
    • AI for operations
    • AI for business workloads
    • Foundation models & quantum

    Register today and join us in May!

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  • Last year, I worked on an AI chatbot application powered by IBM Granite foundation model, WatsonX Assistant, and Watson Discovery and trained with data available publicly from the client's website. This assistant can handle questions from different channels ...

  • Everyone’s saying that generative AI is a must, but specifics are vague. Here, IBM talk's about the hows for your organization. Link to blog: ...

  • "Whether placing an order, requesting a product exchange or asking about a billing concern, today’s customer demands an exceptional experience that includes quick, thorough answers to their inquiries. They also expect service to be delivered 24/7 across ...

  • Explore the generative AI trend: This article explores the bet companies are making on generative AI.

  • Charles Schwab's CISO on GenAI use-cases, concerns, and the role of regulation.