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  • What is the nature of the errors? Are there other variables in common with the prescreen and full survey that could substitute for the ids? -- Jon K Peck jkpeck@gmail.com

  • What is the best way to recode participant id? In a research study that we are currently doing, participants are not entering their participant id correctly. The issue is we have two datasets: one for prescreen and one for full surveys. But those who ...

  • Here is an attempt to straighten out confusion I perceive in this thread... @Panagiota Varela - The "Server Login" screen you are seeing is telling you that the Statistics frontend and Statistics backend cannot communicate with one another. See ...

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  • Since the release of the IBM SPSS Statistics Interim Fixes for macOS 14.0 (Sonoma) there have been myriad posts in the SPSS Statistics Community about users having trouble applying the fix. To review: macOS 14.0 (Sonoma) was never a tested, supported ...

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  • In the realm of statistical analysis, SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) has long been a trusted tool for researchers, data scientists, and analysts. Its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities make it a popular choice for data ...

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  • To fully grasp the technical aspects of SPSS, it is crucial to understand its key concepts and features. In this section, we will delve into the most important concepts in SPSS, providing you with a solid foundation for utilizing the software effectively ...

  • Welcome to your first class on IBM SPSS Statistics! In this introductory session, we will explore the technical aspects of SPSS, providing you with a solid foundation in statistical analysis and data management. SPSS is a powerful tool used by researchers, ...

  • SPSS, short for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, is a popular software used by researchers and statisticians to analyze data. Like any complex software, SPSS has had its fair share of quirks and notorious errors throughout its history. In ...

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