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  • Hello @Denitza Quispe Are you asking about the "Direct Marketing" feature in IBM SPSS Statistics? I ran your question through a translator and didn't really see a specific question to answer. So I'm sorry for the "general" response. IF you are interested ...

  • Hi @Annie Reiner , There is a mix of information in your description that needs to be unpacked. You say you encountered this problem after you applied a new license code for IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0 for macOS. The screenshot you submitted is demonstrating ...

  • Hi @Kelly Clausen , In the thread you've now mentioned that you are using IBM SPSS Statistics I'd like to point out there is now available an IBM SPSS Statistics modification release. This release resolves several open defects ...

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  • OVERVIEW TAB- A BIRD’S-EYE VIEW OF YOUR DATA SPSS Statistics- Version 29.0.1, brings a host of new features, UX / UI enhancements, new models for analysis and a lot more. These additions and enrichments are incorporated into the programme to ...

  • Post Compute Calculations on IBM SPSS Statistics Pivot Tables Jon K. Peck 2/20/2023 Table of Contents Introduction . 1 A Simple Comparison of Two Variables . 2 Post Compute with a Condition . 5 A More ...

  • Batch Reporting and Processing with IBM SPSS Statistics Jon K. Peck, Feb 1, 2023 Introduction Do you periodically have to prepare reports for individuals or groups of SPSS or non-SPSS clients where the reports are similar but need to use groups ...

  • Just after IBM SPSS Statistics version 29 released, a bug was discovered related to saving data to Excel or other formats. Although the syntax had no problems, the dialog sub-system was missing some key functionality. The issue was quickly diagnosed ...

  • In 2008, I wrote the GATHERMD extension command for SPSS Statistics. It was one of the first such commands. It got an update in 2009 to enable language translation, but it had not been touched until this month (October, 2022) except in the bulk conversion ...

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