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  • 1.  SPSS Licensing manager issues

    Posted Fri January 29, 2021 06:08 PM

    We have decommissioned one of our servers without migrating the license manager for SPSS. I've installed license manager on the new server but I am unable to get SPSS to work properly. 
    At first I was getting an error that I was unable to contact the license server. 
    I updated the spssprod.inf file to include the new server in the "daemon host" field. 
    Now I am getting the following error when running SPSS. 

    Error # 7001 There is no license for IBM SPSS Statistics. This could be due to a missing license file or no more network licenses available. For detailed information about this problem, run the 'showlic' utility found in the product installation directory. Execution of this command stops. Specific symptom number:18

    I've ran law.exe and licenseactivation.exe on both the workstation and on the server with license manager. 
    When I run licenseactivator (license key) on the server with the license manager installed I get this:

    Authorization in progress … (license key)
    Authorization failed.
    You are not allowed to generate any more new licenses.

    Roy Pomes


  • 2.  RE: SPSS Licensing manager issues

    Posted Mon February 01, 2021 04:25 AM
    @Roy Pomes

    Hi, if you get this message then it means that your code has no activation left. Concurrent network codes can only be used once with licenseactivator on the machine where Sentinel license manager is installed​. If you like to reuse it we can reset the authorization code such that you can use it again on the license server.
    As codes are confidential please open a ticket with Support using one of the options below. Provide your code on ticket and ask to have it reset, thanks

    A) If you have a normal Support contract open a ticket on:


    with your IBM customer number ICN.

    B) If you do not have a Support contract use method below:

    Go to:


    Use the blue button called "Open a case to get help with SPSS License issues" to open a case. Include all required information (e.g. authorization code, lock-code, product version, ...) such that we can immediately process your request.

    Bettina Weber