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AI, VR, and Blockchain. Technological Innovations in Grooming.

By Anonymous User posted Wed October 07, 2020 12:05 PM


In the digital era, companies share information at lightning speed. The quicker you can get information, the quicker you can make decisions. Technological progress has influenced and increased a lot of aspects of our daily lives. Grooming went through that progress as well.

Shaving is one of the fields we’re always going to be thankful to see improve. The times of single-blade razors seriously close to our necks are over thanks to technological modernization. Many of the grooming industry's important players are starting to incorporate new improvements like artificial intelligence and virtual reality into their offerings. Of course, we haven’t quite grasped a limit at which our grooming tools can do everything for us. It remains to take a smart personal touch to keep a beard or whiskers well-trimmed and healthy. But, technology can assist make the whole method that much more comfortable.

Progress in Shaving

It applied to be that to get a great shave, you had to attend the barber always and they would use a single good razor to groom your facial hair expertly. You could also replicate this practice at home, but shaving with one blade isn’t as easy as it sounds, and discovering how to use one definitely can be painful. Thankfully, electronic razors came along and are now generally available to anyone.

Electric razors are usually ergonomic, with various high-speed blades that trim hair faster and more reliable than traditional razors. Depending on your choices, you can find a model that fits your exact requirements. The top razors offer safer, smoother shaves, decreasing nicks while providing a cleaner trim. Additionally, some razor organizations are introducing AI into the products, creating a safer and smarter shave for your daily routine.

Grooming and Blockchain

Using decentralized, shared ledger technology that lets users manage and update information, blockchain is a powerful way to securely and carefully track data. It also confirms that a document is genuine and unaltered. One of the more unusual technologies to grow within the grooming business may be blockchain. Blockchain is a way in which a “chain” of records of transactions made with cryptocurrency is maintained across many things linked in a peer-to-peer network. It’s been announced as one of the safest and efficient ways of creating encrypted registries and handling finances.

As it remains to grow and bloom in a variety of businesses, blockchain has started to find its way into the male grooming and cleanliness world. 

Health and Safety Still Necessity

However, regardless of how advanced grooming technology grows, you must proceed always to use common reason. An electric razor is still a machine, and for all its security features, it isn’t running to warn you before you nick yourself with a dull blade or begin shaving a part of your body best left alone. You also have to decide for yourself when it comes to stylistic preferences.

One of the most important health concerns in men’s grooming is tied to shaving the pubic region. There’s no technological answer yet for the dangers that can come from shaving pubic hair, so it’s up to the user to be protected and healthy in their use of a razor, even if it’s “smart.” This may mean being up on the most advanced research in men’s grooming.

While there is always going to be a more technologically superior way of going through our daily habits, it’s crucial to check with yourself as to which choices feel best for you. If you’re an electrical razor fan, then think how many bells and signals you truly need. If you’re a convert to the world of AI, then you’re in luck — your next most intelligent shave maybe just around the corner.