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Monday Replay: “PyData Boston November 2020 Meetup: On Brain-Computer Interfaces and Explainable Workflows using Python”

By Tim Bonnemann posted Mon February 01, 2021 07:55 PM

One of the final few events we got to support last year was PyData Boston’s November meetup, featuring two talks:

  • Explainable Workflows Using Python, Austin Eovito (Data Scientist, IBM)
  • How to Create Brainwave-Sensing Headphones using OpenBCI and Python, Angela Vujic (PhD researcher, MIT Media Lab)
The second presentation starts shortly after the 0:54:30 mark. Definitely check it out if you’d like to hear a basic introduction to brain-computer interfacing (BCI) and learn more about “how you can get started at home hacking and prototyping” with various readily-available consumer devices.