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Monday Replay: “Open Standards for Machine Learning Model Deployment” (SF Python, May 13)

By Tim Bonnemann posted Mon June 22, 2020 02:24 PM

The latest in our Monday Replay series comes from the May 13 SF Python meetup, where Svetlana Levitan (IBM Senior Developer Advocate with the Center for Open-source Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies, CODAIT) gave a talk on open standards for machine learning model deployment:
The use of Machine Learning in all application areas is on the rise. Once a good model is created, it needs to be serialized to be transmitted and deployed, i.e. positioned for producing predictions for new cases. This is often difficult because model building and deployment are typically done by different teams, using different programming environments and languages. In this talk we will explain open standards (PMML, PFA, ONNX) that have made model exchange and deployment easier and show how they are used in some applications.
Watch her full talk below: