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Monday Replay: “Python’s Best AI Package” (SF Python, February 12)

By Tim Bonnemann posted Mon June 08, 2020 09:43 PM

Part of how we’ve been growing the IBM Data Science Community over the past year is to find leading non-IBM data science and AI-focused meetups in tech hubs around the world and support them with speakers, sponsoring, and – where available and when not in a global pandemic – venue space.

Most of the events we sponsor produce video recordings of some kind, many of them fairly short and “snackable”. Starting today, we will re-play one of them here every Monday to help kick off your week.

First up is Cameron Smith with a short talk on “Python’s Best AI Package”, presented at the February 12, 2020 SF Python meetup: Data Fans: learn more about hypothesis, assumptions, and bias in software. Enjoy!

If you are involved with a local data science or AI meetup and would like to learn more about options how to access our speaker bureau, please get in touch. Thanks!

PS: The fizz buzz post does not disappoint...