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WiDS 2024 - Regional Events and Datathon Teams with IBM - Do join us

By Susan Malaika posted Thu February 01, 2024 08:43 AM



This emerging blog includes  WiDS (Women in Data Science) Regional Events and Datathon Workshops involving IBMers and WiDS Datathon teams too!

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Women in Data Science Worldwide

February 8, 2024  PyData NYC 2024 Kick-Off- In Person Meetup

Slides here 

February 1, 2024  WiDS Datathon Workshop - Virtual Meetup
Recording and Slides here

Agenda :

  • Introduction to WiDS Datathon 2024 & Kaggle
  • Demo of sample notebooks for WiDS Datathon 2024
  • Exploratory Data Analysis of the WiDS Datathon 2024 Dataset 
  • Q & A
Thank you so much Sneha Varghese, Maria Alejandra Sanchez, Vasanthi Gopal for the wonderful session 
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