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Introducing IBM SPSS Modeler 18.2.2, Collaboration & Deployment Services 8.2.2 and Analytic Server 3.2.2

By Siddhi Gowaikar posted Thu October 01, 2020 04:38 PM


(This blog originally appeared on Medium)

On September 28th, 2020, we released three new IBM SPSS Data Science Offerings: IBM SPSS Modeler 18.2.2, Collaboration & Deployment Services 8.2.2 and Analytic Server 3.2.2. Over the last few months we have taken feedback from our customers who love these products as much as we do, and listened to your requests. With this update, you will get access to some exciting and most requested new features and functionality.

So what’s new with this release?

Connect to new databases:

We have updated support for newer versions of four databases with SQL Pushback in this release:

  • Oracle 19c
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Vertica 9.3
  • Plazma

You can also now connect to a new database with SQL Pushback:

  • Snowflake

Open source Runtimes upgrade:

Now make use of the upgraded new runtimes for Python and R for Extension Nodes and Extension Builder and make the most of the open source integration with SPSS Modeler. The Python runtime is upgraded to 3.7 and the R runtime is upgraded to 3.5

Improve model performance using Cross-validation:

We have added a new feature to give you the ability to use the K-fold cross-validation technique for the Auto-Classifier and Auto-Numeric nodes. This will help you improve the model performance and select a better performing model.

K-fold Cross Validation for Auto-Classifier node in IBM SPSS Modeler

Collaboration and Deployment Services Enhancements:

With this release, we are updating the JDBC version to version 6, and JBoss version to version 7.

You will also be able to use scoring services of Python for Spark extension nodes which was a limitation previously.

Analytic Server Enhancements:

We have updated support for Cloudera CDH to 6.3, HDP 3.1.4 and Ubuntu 18.04 with this release.

Get Access to IBM Watson Studio Desktop’s latest new version:

Along with all these features and updates, you can get access to the IBM Watson Studio Desktop 2.0 which also released on the same day. This dual entitlement will give you access to more exciting new features in IBM’s modern data science platform. Read more about what’s new in Watson Studio Desktop here.

Get started today

If you are ready to experience SPSS Modeler and Watson Studio Desktop 2.0, let us know and speak with an expert from IBM.

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