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The brand new projects UI design is here!

By SHARYN RICHARD posted Fri December 03, 2021 12:06 PM


The brand new projects UI design is here in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service! While it’s still in its experimental state, switch to the new user interface without affecting your work, and begin your journey through the enhanced and simplified projects experience.

To enable experimental projects, navigate to Profile and settings, and set the switch to on under the Beta tab.

Watch this short video to see what’s new in projects.

See how to sign up for a Cloud Pak for Data as a Service account to try Watson Studio projects!

View the project and resource usage summary on the Overview tab

Use the Overview tab to view a quick summary of what’s happening in your project. Here, you can jump back into your most recent work and keep up to date with alerts, tasks, project history, and compute usage.

overview tab

Add, filter, and browse assets on the Assets tab

Effortlessly add, filter, and browse assets all on the newly designed Assets tab. Click New asset to work with various tools to create analytical assets, such as flows, visualizations, experiments, or Notebooks. Additionally, you can upload models and add connected data from your cloud or on-premises data sources.
assets tab

You can now conveniently view your assets by type in your project, keeping you organized automatically. Additionally, you can browse through all of your assets, which are sorted by the last time they were modified.

Clicking New asset allows you to add local data files, local Notebook files, or samples from the Gallery. You can now conveniently view the types of assets within your project under Asset types and also review your assets by browsing through the pages.

All your administration tasks consolidated on the Manage tab

The Manage tab makes administrative tasks easier than ever. Use the pages under the Manage tab to conveniently add collaborators and find, edit, and add project details.
manage tab

  • The General page is where you can review details on your project and Cloud Object Storage. You can also leave or delete your project.
  • Use the new Access control page to seamlessly manage and add project collaborators and access tokens.
  • Environments provide compute resources to run analytical assets. View your options, define your own environments, and monitor active runtimes.
  • The Resource usage page is where you can quickly view a clear summary of your project usage and usage by type.
  • Use the new Services and integrations page to view and associate IBM services and third-party integrations to your project.

View project collaborators and IBM Cloud account information using the information panel

The top 3 collaborators in your project and your IBM Cloud account information (name and ID) can be viewed in the information panel.