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Accelerate your Time-to-Market with New embeddable AI Libraries

By SAURABH NACHANE posted Mon October 24, 2022 06:41 PM


According to Andrew Ng, “AI is the new electricity” and just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, I can’t think of a single industry that AI won’t transform in the next several years. Every enterprise solution - from CRM, ERP, cybersecurity to HR, e-commerce, and communications applications – already has some form of AI built into them.

Today developers have a choice to build their own AI from the ground up – which would take significant investment, resources, and time – or they can partner with IBM to embed cutting edge AI into their solutions. Embeddable AI remains a significant opportunity and partners are looking to enhance their products and business outcomes to remain competitive. IBM is connected to every industry in every market, and we are ready right now to help partners deliver the solutions their customers need.

We are excited to share that today we launch embeddable AI libraries which can be deployed by partners on their platform of choice on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure, giving them the flexibility to seamlessly integrate IBM’s AI into their existing or new applications. This is a defining moment at IBM, for the first time, product designed from the ground up for ‘embed’, offering a new and powerful approach to building AI software.

We are releasing three new embeddable AI libraries which are the same enterprise grade, state of the art code which powers 20+ IBM products and have been developed with years of investments from IBM Research and Software:

In addition to the libraries, the IBM embeddable AI portfolio also includes IBM Watson APIs and applications like IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Watson Discovery, IBM Instana Observability, and IBM Maximo Visual Inspection.

In our interactions with Partners this year, there has been an overwhelming level of interest in adopting our AI capabilities.  Some of the use cases partners are pursuing include:

  • For NLP: Voice of a Customer or Employee, Expert Assist and Brand Intelligence
  • For STT: Call Center Self Service, Speech Analytics and Electronic Agent Conversation Transcription
  • For TTS: E-Learning, Accessibility and Customer Self Service

Visit our embeddable AI website for more information.

We are at an inflection point as we engage partners around best in class capabilities supported by a carefully curated Build program, helping them at every step on their journey – from co-creating their applications to co-marketing and co-selling. AI is today’s “electricity” and with IBM providing our partner with “embeddable” AI, we will truly power their application.

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Fri December 15, 2023 12:18 AM

Thank you SAURABH NACHANE for this information on embedable AI libararies.