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Quickly learn the basics of AI for business with IBM AI Foundations for Business specialization

By RAY LOPEZ posted Mon June 22, 2020 04:52 PM

Business Professionals, get up to speed quickly on the basics of AI, machine learning and AI strategies with IBM's new three course specialization on Coursera!

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming an important part of business operations for many enterprises. This growth is mostly due to the rise of cloud computing, which makes processing power and storage cheap and freely available. AI and ML technologies are processor hungry and data hungry. Platforms like the IBM Cloud make it easy for any business to have access to the processing power and storage needed by AI systems.

Just five years ago, you still needed a degree in computer science to be able to understand AI and ML. But since that time, AI and ML have become critical components of businesses all over the world. There are specific AI and ML technologies that are relevant to businesses, which makes learning about them slightly easier. Although AI and ML are becoming more mainstream in business, there is still a lot to learn for professionals who are thinking about using AI and ML in their enterprises. The terms and concepts associated with AI and ML are confusing and complex, making it difficult to understand how these key innovations can benefit your business. On top of that, there is the problem of strategically applying these technologies to your specific business challenges.

This is where IBMs new Coursera specialization, IBM AI Foundations for Business can help!

This specialization is intended for business and technical professionals involved in strategic decision-making that is focused on bringing AI into their enterprises. The specialization is divided into three courses, each meant to give you a high level understanding of different aspects of AI and ML.

The first course covers the basics of AI from a business person's perspective, giving you a solid foundation with which to understand AI technologies and capabilities. You'll learn the basics of AI technologies such as natural language processing, and how those technologies are related to each other.

The second course covers the new field of data science, providing you with a solid understanding of the concepts and technologies used by data scientists. The course covers the basics of machine learning algorithms, so that you can understand what is possible with machine learning.

Tying it all together is the third and final course, introducing you to a conceptual model called the AI Ladder. The AI Ladder is a simple but powerful metaphor that gives business professionals a framework for understanding the work involved in deploying AI and ML in any enterprise. The framework is based on the important idea that data is the fuel of AI and ML. Without access to clean, relevant data, there can be no AI in your enterprise. The AI Ladder is a logical, stepwise approach to collecting and organizing data sources in your enterprise. Once the data are collected and organized, AI technologies can be developed to analyze the data and then infused into business processes to enable better and faster decision making.

If you want a fast and comprehensive introduction to AI and ML for business professionals, as well as an introduction to the AI Ladder, the IBM AI Foundations for Business specialization is for you. Visit the specialization home page on Coursera:

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I would like to learn more on data science can you please share to in my mail id
Since i am running a training center in chennai i would prefer to get more materials too that helps for my students to learn and grab knowledge in Datascience.