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Day 1 at the TechXchange Conference - Highlights

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Tue September 12, 2023 10:39 PM


Hi Everyone,

Day 1 at the TechXchange Conference was amazing, so many great sessions covering a wide range of AI related topics. Here are some highlights of the sessions I attended today.

Introduction to Generative AI

This was a fantastic session that covered the use cases and applications for Generative AI and provided concrete of the applications that are ideal for its capabilities. They then covered the topic of prompt engineering, prompt tuning and fine-tuning distinctions.

The two presenters, Elena Lowrey, an analytics architect and Catherine Cao, Senior Brand Technical Specialist, delivered an informative and engaging session where they demonstrated the capabilities of 

Another full session of members eager to learn about Generative AI!

Enhancing Machine Learning Models with IBM AI (formerly Watson) Studio: Creation to Deployment

Loucas Loumakos, Data Science  and AI Curriculum Developer, delivered a in depth technical session on developing machine learning models with Watson Studio. He offered insights into the creation, testing and deployment of models through various tools, services, and interfaces.

He helped us gain an understanding of the model development process.

AI Keynote: In a world where AI writes code, what is the role of the developer?

I really liked this session because it had a mixture of business value and technical content which served to showcase what is possible and what is real when it comes to Generative AI. Dinesh Normal, Senior Vice President of Products, IBM Software, was joined by a series of guests who together explored some key enterprise use cases, demonstrated watsonx, along with AI Assistant, and they showcased the capabilities of the platform from the perspective of companies that are putting it to work.

I really learned a lot from this session, so check be on the lookout for the recording.

More updates to come tomorrow.

Ciao for now,