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IBM Champion Spotlight:  Rikke Jacobsen

By Namitha K posted Thu December 21, 2023 10:29 AM


In this edition of IBM Champions Spotlight, meet Rikke Jacobsen who is the CEO of CogniTech A/S and has been a Champion for last three years! Her favourite product is IBM Cognos Analytics with WatsonX, and according to her it helps companies get better insight into their data, it is easy to use, and it works great together with IBM Planning Analytics with WatsonX.

Rikke loves Speaking at events and conferences and being active in social media. She is very passionate about giving back to the Technology community. She says, “I encourage  more people to use the right tools for Planning and Business Intelligence, and move from manual work and not having the right data to make the right decisions by being really data driven using tools like IBM Analytics with WatsonX. I am being called Mrs. Cognos for a reason, and just love to get more people to use this fantastic product!".  She is really proud and excited to share about the inception of CogniTech in 2019 with IBM Analytics as their primary offering, and have grown from 12 people in 2019 to 26 in 2023.

If she weren’t a part of the technology world, she would be probably running a hotel in Switzerland!

Here is what Rikke has to say to the prospects of IBM Champions program, “If you can advocate for IBM Product and have important information to share with the world about the smae, you should go for it! You get great opportunities to share your knowledge with the world being an IBM Champion”.

Meet Rikke in person at her session at IBM TechXchange Summit EMEA in Barcelona. She will be presenting on “Digital Innovation in the modern world”, where she will be sharing her experiences and perspectives on how companies can navigate the modern digital era and at the same time creating value and business growth by showing several customers success stories on how they have used IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics in their success. 

Lightning round:

Ice cream or cake? Ice cream

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Summer or winter? Summer

Morning or evening? Evening

eBook or paper book? eBook

TV shows or movies? Movies

A night out or a night in? Night out

Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Dip in toe

Go-to karaoke song? Don’t do karaoke

Drive or fly? Drive

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