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G2Crowd recognized IBM SPSS Statistics as a leader in predictive analytics

By Murali Prakash posted Thu June 14, 2018 12:56 PM


We’re excited to announce that G2Crowd recognized IBM SPSS Statistics as a leader in predictive analytics.

SPSS is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. From punch cards to today’s advanced software, SPSS has made countless innovations in the past 50 years, and we will continue to innovate for our users. We’re helping millions of users across businesses to quickly understand large and complex datasets using advanced statistical procedures ensuring high accuracy to drive quality decision-making.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible support from our users. This overwhelming support inspires us to continuously innovate to make SPSS Statistics the simplest, most powerful tool possible.

The Winning Factors

This recognition is a result of SPSS Statistics’ ability to address key user needs:
  • Easy-to-use: A simple and modern interface that gives you flexible access to a depth of analytical power - “81% of G2Crowd reviewers said SPSS Statistics was easy to use”.

    • Every user, regardless of their skill set and expertise, gain flexible access to powerful analytical techniques. For example, you could use a simple drag and drop interface or syntax language to be able to learn more from your data.

  • Powerful: Offers a wide range of advanced statistical analysis to get you deeper, more meaningful insights from your data

    • We keep adding new statistical techniques frequently and some of the latest advancements include Bayesian statistics, customer requested enhancements for GENLIN and MIXED procedures.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrated with other systems like open source (R and Python), Microsoft office, etc.

    • The ability to work with open source languages gives you a powerful analytical combination. You could easily create extensions for R or Python code and run as a GUI even if you are a non-programmer.

    • Recent advancement includes the ability to paste charts as Microsoft graphics so you can easily create publication quality reports.

  • Next-gen output: Delivers high resolution graphs and presentation-ready reports to easily communicate results

    • A powerful visualization engine which helps you to visualize your data through a variety of charts and graphical options. Recent advancements include geo-spatial analytics like spatio-temporal prediction, generalized spatial association rule, etc.

  • Comprehensive: Addresses all facets of the analytical process from data preparation and management to analysis and reporting

    • SPSS Statistics supports the entire analytical process. It helps people validate assumptions faster, guiding them in using the right statistical capability at the right time.

    • Easy access to multiple data types, next-gen reporting and deployment capabilities enable users to find insights and communicate results quickly and clearly.

    Expanding the innovation horizon

    The innovation of SPSS continues to this day with major investments to make our software easier to use and more efficient. We have worked with our customers and soon will be launching a new user interface for SPSS Statistics. The new UI is a major milestone for SPSS Statistics. It modernizes the software, adds brand new & unique features, and prepares the way for a bright future.

    The new UI adds major never-before-seen features: most notably, a searchable page of available analyses and an output viewer that allows you to change analyses and datasets on the spot for easier refinement and repetition. The new UI also includes a live tutorial to help introduce new features and an organized tab interface to create a more organized work environment.

    See why our users love SPSS Statistics - View infographic

    Also if you would like to share your experience using SPSS Statistics, write a review here.

    Give the new UI beta a try by updating your installation today. Don’t have SPSS Statistics Subscription? Then start a trial or consider becoming a subscriber today.