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Try the NEW Embeddable AI Natural Language AI Solutions

By MARIA MOREL posted Fri October 21, 2022 02:27 PM


IBM has announced the expansion of a new embeddable AI software portfolio including the release of three new containerized software libraries designed to help IBM partners build and deploy powerful AI solutions with greater flexibility. The library form factor allows developers to deploy on premises, on any cloud, in Docker, Kubernetes, or serverless platform of their choice. 

Embeddable AI software libraries offer IBM Ecosystem partners the ability to:

Infuse Powerful AI

Leverage our market-leading natural language AI technology in library form fueled by the same natural language AI technology that powers Watson Assistant & Watson Discovery solutions.

Deliver enterprise-ready solutions

Develop natural language AI solutions ready for commercial use with easy accessibility, a developer friendly interface, multi-lingual support, and language foundation models our partners can trust. 

Accelerate business growth at scale

IBM offers deep technical expertise, cutting edge AI innovations, and the best of open-source technology to support IBM partners in delivering future-proof AI solutions that meet customer expectations and gain a new competitive edge in the market. Learn more about how you can partner with IBM to embed market leading AI capabilities into your solutions.

You can now try the new software libraries for free by signing up for an 180-day trial. These trials are available exclusively to eligible IBM partners for embeddable AI use cases only.

Get access to the trial of your choice here: 

Getting Started

  1. Review trial license requirements located on your form. License acceptance is required for trial use.
  2. Once trial is enabled, verify your entitlement in My IBM Container Software Library (under View library).
  3. Go to Get entitlement key to retrieve key. Copy and utilize entitlement key to log in image registry.

Be sure to visit our IBM Watson Libraries Docs for access to educational materials and details to help you get started.