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Data Science Newsletter | March 2021

By Kiefer Hackney posted Thu March 04, 2021 12:32 PM

IBM Data Science Community Newsletter
March 2021 | Volume 3, Issue 3
Planning Sustainable Energy Generation with Machine Learning and Decision Optimization
The Energy and Utilities Industry is undergoing a major global transition, which is driving structural shifts in the industry and challenging leaders to adopt new strategic and operational imperatives. Data Science Industry Accelerators help clients plan sustainable energy generation with Machine Learning and Decision Optimization.
AI Skills
Where Ontologies End and Knowledge Graphs Begin
The line that differentiates and  ontology from a knowledge graph is blurry, where does one end and the other one begin? Read more
A Vertical Federated Learning Method for Interpretable Scorecard and Its Application in Credit Scoring
Federated learning is a technique data scientists can use to let different companies all work together to train the most comprehensive ML model. There are a few different flavors to the process. This paper will help you understand vertical federated learning. Read more
Cross-Document Language Modeling
This paper introduces a new pretraining approach for language models that are designed to support multi-document NLP tasks. Read more
Researchers Propose Bias Fix for GPT-3 and Other Language Models
Researchers experiment with GPT-3 calibration methods on a multitude of NLP tasks to determine their effects on model stability in regard to bias in model outputs. Read more
Tools & Libraries
Making Sense of News — The Knowledge Graph Way
This practical blog post shows how you can create a news monitoring data pipeline that combines Natural Language Processing and knowledge graphs technologies. Read more
Solutions & Products
Operationalizing AI - A Report
This report tells you why your organization probably needs some better processes to build out AI solutions. Check out this excerpt and stay tuned for the final publication. Read more
Cognitive Risk Management | Business Applications of NLP Technology
Cognitive Controls Industry Accelerator helps connect existing business practices with new innovations through NLP and deep learning. Read more
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Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide Conference | March 7 & 8
Women in Data Science (WiDS) aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. IBM is a proud WiDS Worldwide Sponsor.
Data Council BKK (Virtual) Meetup #6: Explainable Workflows using Python | March 7, 10 am–12 pm ICT (March 6, 7–9 pm PT)
This talk approaches the typical data science workflow with a focus on explainability. Learn about AI Explainability with Austin Eovito (IBM). 
Submit your machine learning questions now to be answered by IBM experts Meredith Mante and Miguel Maldonado.
Plan for Business Resilience | March 17, 11 am–12:30 pm ET
In times of constant change and uncertainty, organizations that can rethink traditional ways of working and anticipate the future will thrive.
Online interview and live Q/A with Nathalie Baracaldo, Research Staff Member at IBM
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