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[Webinar] Join IBM, Anaconda and Trust Insights on data science, AI lifecycles and security #onlineevents

By Julianna Delua posted Thu January 14, 2021 01:30 PM

Hello, everyone.

I would like to invite you to  a five-part online event series we are kicking off on January 19th, next Tuesday.


Part 1:  Accelerate AI lifecycles - innovate, operationalize and govern

In  part 1 of the online series, we will explore the best practices in AI lifecycles, human-machine workflows, and security and governance for successful AI implementation. We will cover:

  • Modern AI lifecycle and governance - demystify what happens when new data science projects start
  • What does a human do and what does a machine do?  How do domain experts and data science work together?
  • Best practices in governance - understand interpretability, security and vulnerabilities from lifecycle
  • Expert roundtable on skill sets, cultures, hybrid cloud deployment and much more


Michael Grant, Vice President of Services, Anaconda

Chris Penn, Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights 

Julianna Delua, Data Science and AI SME, IBM Data and AI

Hope to see you there