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Chat with SPSS Support: Tips and Examples for using the IBM SPSS Chatbot

By Jeffrey Balrak posted Thu February 11, 2021 11:14 AM


The IBM SPSS Support chatbot provides a way to receive immediate answers to your SPSS questions.
This article provides examples and tips on how to successfully use the IBM SPSS Support Chatbot.

Where do I find the chatbot?

To use the chatbot, click Chat with Supportbutton which appears at the bottom right corner of every page in the https://www.ibm.com/mysupport community.

If you are not on an SPSS product page, you can still ask your SPSS question.  The chatbot will allow you to first set the Product context and then provide the answer.

Tips and examples on using the chatbot

Some useful tips

Example of EFFECTIVE question


Ask your question in a concise but detailed way including exact error codes or message.

“When saving my data file, I receive error: An I/O error has occurred, the variable dictionary is invalid”

“I can’t save my data file”

(too general)

Skip redundant words which don’t add value to your question

“How do I license my SPSS Statistics?”

“I purchased SPSS Statistics and want to know how to license my copy”

(“purchase” is not relevant and might put chatbot on the wrong track)

The chatbot cannot do complex troubleshooting, but can find knowledge to help you troubleshoot particular problems.

“My Modeler stream is running slow. How do I resolve Modeler performance problems?”

“We have migrated the modeler server to the cloud in Azure IaaS. The server operating system is Windows Server 2012R2. We access a SQL Server 2014 database and since the move the performance deteriorated.”

(The bot cannot do environment specific performance troubleshooting)

Don't give up!  The chatbot will ask "Were any of these resources helpful?"
If you respond "No", you might receive another set of answers, or eventually you will be able to choose a more specific category for your question, or you can choose "None of the Above" to make a wider search.


Where to go for questions the chatbot can’t handle?

Complex troubleshooting questions, or questions which do not have a straightforward answer should be handled via different channels. The chatbot supports the “open a case” and “chat with agent” commands. These are only available for customers with an active IBM Support Agreement.
Other channels:

  • IBM Support forums are open for any question that you have on any IBM product
  • Support Search: Type your question in the “Search Support” Bar. You will search the complete IBM Support Knowledge Base

Where do I learn more about the chatbot?

To understand more about how the chatbot works, please read the following blog.