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Announcing the Launch of SPSS Modeler 18.5

By Gauri Mathur posted Thu December 14, 2023 11:00 PM


SPSS Modeler is a robust data science software for professional analysts and data scientists. The software scales from supporting line-of-business predictive analysis to enterprise-scale implementation. 

To extend its depth and breadth of functionality, SPSS Modeler 18.5 is supported by the complementary products SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services 8.5, providing automation, deployment, and a collaborative foundation for SPSS Modeler, and SPSS Analytic Server 3.5, helping leverage big data environments for SPSS Modeler. 


What’s new?  

SPSS Modeler 18.5 

• Python 3.10, R 4.2, Spark 3.4 version upgrade  
• Extension Output Node for Python with Graph Output tab like R 
• Add database function support for date_add_* , and time_add_* in expression builder, and support SQL pushback. 
• Support for Apple M1, macOS Monterey 12.5, Suse Linux Enterprise 15 
• Apple Mac notarization 
• International Components for Unicode (ICU) icu4c upgrade 
• Use of Microsoft Azure storage service from Modeler Client 
• Upgrade to the latest version of IBM Plex 
• Update keyless license files and installer 
• Various security fixes 

SPSS Collaboration & Deployment Services 8.5 

• SPSS C&DS access SQL databases hosted on cloud 
• Analytic Data View (ADV) performance enhancement on optimizing redundant SQL execution 
• Support for RedHat 9 
• Support for Windows Server 2022 


Analytic Server 3.5 

• Kerberos support between Modeler Server and Analytic Server 
• IBM WebSphere Liberty, JDBC version upgrade 
• Spectrum Scale support 
• Ubuntu 20.04 support 
• Support latest Cloudera Data Platform 

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