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SPSS Statistics Discount for Students

By Douglas Stauber posted Wed April 26, 2017 06:47 PM


If you're an active student and interested in obtaining a copy of SPSS Statistics for yourself, we have an offer for you: SPSS Statistics Gradpack.

SPSS Statistics Gradpack is sold just to students at over a 90% discount from our commercial pricing. It provides all the same functionality you know through 3 editions:

  • SPSS Statistics Gradpack Base Edition - Includes descriptive statistics, correlation, crosstabs, frequencies, T-tests, linear regression, clustering and more.

  • SPSS Statistics Gradpack Standard Edition - Adds non-linear regression & mixed model analysis, uni and multivariate techniques and more.

  • SPSS Statistics Gradpack Premium Edition - Adds all features of SPSS Statistics 24.

The latest version is 24, and you can purchase it from any of these IBM trusted business partners:


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Wed July 08, 2020 04:17 PM

What version would be recommended for non-profits or analysts working for non-profits in developing countries in Africa and the Indian Subcontinent? The Gradpack Base version prices are affordable, but the licensing terms do not allow the use of this version by non-profits for making research reports for program sponsors.