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Online Tutorials and Case Studies for SPSS Statistics

By Douglas Stauber posted Fri July 15, 2016 11:58 PM

Every release of IBM SPSS Statistics includes detailed documentation outlining how to use the latest features, but I was recently surprised to learn how many customers didn't know about the tutorials and case studies that are also included in the documentation.

Tutorials are step-by-step examples of many features of SPSS Statistics and are best for those new to the platform. They are written so you can follow along and learn the software at your own pace. They are available via the help menu, but also hosted on the IBM Knowledge Center website.

Case Studies provide detailed examples of various statistical analysis techniques with information about how to interpret the results. They are very helpful when you understand the basics of the software, but are new to a certain procedure. Case Studies are also available via the help menu or on the IBM Knowledge Center.

Link to Trees Case Study

Both tutorials and case studies use sample files that are shipped right within the product. Explore them to learn something new about the software you already own!