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IBM at NRF ~ Bringing NRF to you!

By DONNA SMITH posted Fri March 01, 2024 02:01 PM


In case you missed NRF, we want to recap of the information and demo content that was shown at NRF, specifically focused on IBM Supply Chain Sustainability Brand.  Please enjoy this prerecorded Informercial Video showcasing IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising and Integration with IBM WatsonX GenAI. 

Key Topics

1.  How to enhance the pre-sales experience leverage SIP-AI and Watsonx.

2. Provide accurate inventory and expected delivery dates based on your KPIs.

3. Overview of benefits and quick wins on your journey to modernizing your OMS.

On top of this recap Informercial Video, I can provide you additional short click-through demo content in a care package that was shown at NRF. Please reach out to Donna Smith request the links and also to schedule a no cost Business Value Assessment with the IBM experts!