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Member Spotlight: Moloy De, Data Scientist, IBM India

By Christina Howell posted Mon July 20, 2020 01:26 PM


@Moloy De is an IBM Data Science Community member who has been actively blogging and sharing puzzles, tutorials, lessons, and exercises in data science here in the community. Get to know more about Moloy in this edition of the Member Spotlight!

How did you get into data science?

I am a Statistician with a PhD in Statistics. I have been in Software since 1997. In 2008 I got a call from a senior from my alma mater who was the head of Business Intelligence practice and was trying to do something which he coined as Statistical Intelligence. The phrase "Data Science" was yet to be coined then. So I changed my company and joined his team. That was the beginning.


What makes you most excited about data science - for example your perspective on how far it's come in a short time, and where you see it going?

We have a storage of huge data today which with cheap storage and retrieval processes is available for use. So it's an age of Data Science. And then with advent of Quantum Computing it is going change our lives. When we use our gut feelings to make a decision it is difficult to make others understand it. With an executed methodology of Data Science it is easy to communicate, it is easy to replicate and also it is easy to rectify if needed.


How important is community in terms of building skills and creating a path in data science?

Data Science is an evolving subject today. The more we nurture it the more we learn. So communities help a lot in solving problems and thus building skills and finding path.


What advice do you have for people entering data science?

Being a Statistician by training I am more into data analysis without which we may not be able to churn out the information buried deep in data. I advise to play with data be it big or small, analyze it is and enjoy discovering startling patterns in it.

What are some of your favorite data science tools?

R, Python, SPSS and for big data, PySpark.


How can the IBM Data Science Community be of value for data scientists of all levels?

I talked about it as a nice place for data science discussions. For me it's a space where I may share the joy I get in Data Science.


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