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Data Science Community Newsletter | April

By Christina Howell posted Thu April 02, 2020 05:10 PM

IBM Data Science Community Newsletter
April 2020 | Volume 2, Issue 4 |  Subscribe

COVID-19 IBM Dashboard
We face an unprecedented moment with the challenge of novel corona virus affecting the globe. As experts in data, and with so much evolving, it is difficult for data scientists to decide where to focus our efforts. The data science community has responded with Kaggle events hosted as public/private partnerships, written about the patterns we are seeing in its spread, and helped visualize the information at hand to make it more digestible. IBM has built a dashboard which can serve as an example of making complex and frightening information digestible.
Virtual Data Science Can Rise to the Challenge in Unprecedented Times 
We are seeing an increasing impact to businesses in every industry. Supply chains are broken, demands are shifting and resources are shrinking. How do you prepare your business for the economic and operational impact using data science and AI? Read more

AI Skills

Learn AI: Hands on Labs, Leadership, Lessons from AI Experts
Whether you are a practitioner or an AI leader, there has never been a better time to build new skills and strengthen your technical muscle. Join IBM and friends for a fun, complimentary online day of hands on labs, tutorials, expert leadership sessions, and 1:1 appointments with our expert speakers. Register and learn more

Visualizing Neural Networks with Grand Tour
Neural networks have an extremely difficult decision process to understand. Potentially, visualizing it is the key to simplifying understanding it.Read more

Tools & Libraries

A Visual Debugger for Jupyter
Project Jupyter closed a long-standing gap in notebooks-based development flows by introducing a visual debugger into. Read more

Call for Code Useful Datasets
Get started in this contest faster. There are many relevant public datasets available to get you started – when, for example, developing a prototype or training a model. This blog provides some of the ways to find them, and access considerations. Read more

Solutions & Products

CORD-19: An Introduction and Pushing to Pandas/CSV
The CORD-19 Dataset is provided as the result of a public/private partnership to create a unified set of documents for Researchers to analyze. What NLP applications do you want to see? What questions about the research papers need answering? Read more

IBM Industry Accelerators
For current, pressing business problems, IBM's Data Science Elite team created Industry Accelerators; including sample data, models and documentation to kick start customer projects. Read more


AutoML-Zero: Evolving Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch
"Our goal is to show that AutoML can go further: it is possible today to automatically discover complete machine learning algorithms just using basic mathematical operations as building blocks." Read more
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