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SPSS participation in the Esri User Conference 2015

By Armand Ruiz posted Tue July 28, 2015 06:29 PM

Last week the SPSS team was in the Esri User Conference. We had a booth shared with other IBM teams and also a great session on Tuesday afternoon. We announced new SPSS (Modeler and Statistics) extensions that integrate with Esri services. These are the first set of extensions and we have more coming!

The session was amazing and the room was full of people. It is exciting to see so much interest and our users shared how much they like our extensions and new geospatial features in our products and we've got very good feedback. In the session we featured case studies that demonstrate the new geospatial predictive modeling algorithms in IBM SPSS Modeler to solve complex business challenges that involve a variety of data type including geospatial data.

There are four extensions available here: http://ibmpredictiveanalytics.github.io/

  • Publish to ArcGIS: Map your IBM SPSS data in Esri® ArcGIS Online. Export, transfer, load, your data for map visualization and deeper geospatial analytics.

  • Web-Heatmaps: Create interactive heatmaps using different Esri Basemaps.

  • Geocoding: Get the latitude and the longitude of a location in IBM SPSS Modeler using Esri services.

  • Reverse Geocoding: Code a point location (latitude, longitude) to a readable address or place name.


We presented two cases studies:

Watch here a session replay:

We had good feedback from all kind of sources, also Twitter!


By the way, we followed the IBM tradition in the Esri User Conference, and all the IBMers wore a Hawaiian shirt, me included!

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Tue November 08, 2016 11:53 PM

The same links with Map Info, Google Map, Power Map ?
Thanks for your reply