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Predictive analytics agenda at IBM World of Watson: Monday, October 24

By Archive User posted Mon October 24, 2016 05:00 AM


Today is the first full day of activities at IBM World of Watson--and the schedule is packed with opportunities to learn about emerging trends, best practices and applications in predictive analytics. Be sure to include some of these exciting and informative sessions in your conference agenda.

Download the complete predictive analytics conference guide in PDF format.

Breakout sessions
8:00-8:45AM - Breakout Session - #3288
Drive Time: Using Machine Learning on Real-Time Traffic Data to Ease Congestion
Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

9:00-9:45AM - Breakout Session - #1023
Creating a Data Science Program from the Ground Up with IBM Data and Analytics
Mandalay Bay -South Pacific D

10:00-10:45AM - Breakout Session - #2689
USAA Scales Data Science and Predictive Analytics for Enterprise Decisioning
Mandalay Bay -South Pacific D

8:00AM-7:30PM - Cognitive Optimization Demo and Bakery Café Demo and Activation
Cognitive Concourse

11:00-11:45AM - Breakout Session - #1508
NAPA Auto Parts Builds Better Assortments with Predictive Analytics
Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

11:00-11:45AM - Breakout Session - #1675
Maximizing Your BoQom Line with Prescrip3ve Analy3cs:An Introduc3on
Mandalay Bay -South Pacific C

12:00-12:45PM - Breakout Session - #3085
Digital Partnerships: Key to accelerating in the age of Cognitive computing
Mandalay Bay -South Pacific D

1:00-1:45PM - Breakout Session - #2703
The Fast Path to Analytics Maturity: Get Results While You Grow
Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

2:00-2:45PM - Breakout Session - #2149
What's New in IBM Statistics - Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

3:00-3:45PM - Breakout Session - #1693
IBM SPSS in the New Cognitive Era - Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

4:00-4:45PM - Breakout Session - #2377
Using R and Python in IBM SPSS Modeler to Create Cognitive Business Solutions
Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

5:00-5:45 - Breakout Session - #2076
Using Advanced Analytics and Social Media Data to Predict Box Office Revenue is a Smash Hit
Mandalay Bay - South Pacific D

5:00-5:45PM - Breakout Session - #1162
How to Combat Cash Register Fraud in Retail in Five Days
Mandalay Bay - Islander E

Trends and directions
11:00-11:45AM - Advanced Analytics Trends and Directions
Put analytics at the heart of your cognitive business
Mandalay Bay - South Seas

Hands-on labs
8:30-11:00AM - Hands on Lab - #1118
Into the Storm: Extracting Weather Data and Putting It to Use for Your Business
Mandalay Bay - Bayside F - 09

8:30-11:00A - Hands on Lab - #1763
Using IBM SPSS Statistics and the R Programming Language Together
Mandalay Bay - Bayside F - 05

12:30-3:00PM - Hands on Lab - #1874
Clustering and Association Modeling Using IBM SPSS Modeler
Mandalay Bay -Bayside F - 05

Demo room
10:00AM-7:30PM - IBM SPSS Statistics on Cloud

10:00AM-7:30PM - IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics (IBM SPSS Modeler)

Theater sessions
3:00-3:20PM - Predictive in (Less Than) 20 Minutes
Cognitive Concourse - Community Theater

3:30-3:50PM - Expert Exchange: Data Science Best Practices (CRISP-DM)
Cognitive Concourse - Community Theater

5:00-7:30PM - Data Scientist Meetup - Ri Ra Irish Pub - Shoppes at Mandalay Place

Download the complete predictive analytics conference guide in PDF format.

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