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Announcing IBM Decision Optimization Center 3.9: The latest planning and decision optimization technology tailored to your business

By Archive User posted Fri July 29, 2016 04:14 PM

This post was authored by Hans Schlenker, Offering Manager, IBM Decision Optimization

Today we are excited to announce the release of IBM Decision Optimization Center 3.9, which includes customer-requested enhancements that will add new value to our mature software platform for planning and optimization applications and the organizations that use it.

Before going into the details of the new release, let me give you a brief general positioning of IBM Decision Optimization Center. Today, many organizations face challenges when developing a realistic plan or schedule that provides the best possible balance between customer service and revenue goals. Planning processes and tasks such as human resource planning, supply chain management, or production sourcing are too often handled manually. Even if some standard advanced planning solutions or Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools support these planning processes, they too often lack the power of decision optimization.

Decision optimization (e.g. mathematical optimization or prescriptive analytics) delivers huge value to planners and decision makers. The main reason decision optimization is not yet widely used in complex planning processes is that often these processes are unique to the company, business or division. The existing standard tools that already offer advanced planning together with decision optimization don’t cope well with these business or process specifics.

We believe that the ideal solution to this challenge is a software platform that is highly customizable to organizations' business and IT requirements and provides a strong foundation for common planning and optimization tasks. That platform should provide flexible and tailorable business process support, integrated decision recommendations and optimization, collaborative planning, scenario sharing and analysis, sensitivity analysis and explanations, IT integration architecture, and scalable deployment--delivering unique value to both line-of-business and IT stakeholders. This is exactly what IBM Decision Optimization Center delivers.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s new in release 3.9 for key stakeholders:
  • Business user: Advanced configuration of dashboards

  • - Role-based work context with predefined, configurable layout
    - Allows to switch between activities without losing context (current scenario, open views, selection)
  • Solution developer: Enhanced and simplified customization

  • - Assign different dashboard and planning sheet layouts to the different business user roles
    - Simplified and enhanced UI configuration thru extension points
    - Synchronize data filters among different data views
  • IT operations: Simplified solution rollout

  • - Provides configurable script to package a DOC application as a Java Web Start Application
    - Automatically download and install latest DOC runtime and application version
    - Secured and signed artifacts
  • Solution developer: Cloud deployment

  • - Sample demonstrates how to execute optimization tasks on IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud with “custom tasks”
    - Basic task handles data in memory
    - Advanced task uses data streaming between DOC and DOcplexcloud

    To learn more about Decision Optimization Center 3.9:
  • Watch the video: ibm.biz/BdrjLV

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