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CrowdChat: How to keep customers and grow your business with IBM SPSS

By Archive User posted Thu May 05, 2016 07:31 PM

SPSS_Crowdchat_social02Smart predictions are essential for your organization's success. You need to know that there is demand for your products, forecast whether the product you’re developing will address a need, and be able to rely on data-driven predictions to target your ongoing customer retention, upsell/cross-sell and other marketing activities.

If you can’t target your marketing efforts predictively, then you risk losing customers to rivals who understand them better than you do. Predictive analytics can help you connect with customers at the right times, and present them with the right offers through the channels of engagement they prefer.

Don't risk losing your most profitable customers because you don't understand their specific needs. Join us in this CrowdChat, hosted by @IBMBigData, to discuss how predictive analytics can help you drive customer retention, upsell and target marketing. This chat aims to bring together subject matter experts who apply predictive modeling to marketing to answer the following questions:

  • What are best practices in predictive customer analytics?

  • How can you predict which customers are at risk of leaving and why?

  • How can predictive analysis help you retain customers?

  • How can you predict which customers will be particularly receptive to upsell or cross-sell offers?

  • How can predictive models drive target marketing and offer personalization?

  • How can predictive modeling help deepen customer satisfaction?

  • How can you deliver predictive customer insights to front-line decision makers?

  • How can predictive customer analytics drive automated next-best actions?

  • If you've never been to a CrowdChat, here’s how it works: A CrowdChat organizes tweets into streams of conversation. When you join this CrowdChat, we’ll start a discussion thread; everyone who wants to participate in the conversation can simply comment, enjoying an engaging discussion as tweets flow together. Vote for your favorite comments, and they’ll feature more prominently in the conversation. CrowdChats are an excellent way to share your expertise while discovering answers to salient business questions—visual learners can check out this CrowdChat Demo video for a quick demonstration.

    Please join us for this CrowdChat—and for a more in-depth exploration of data-driven customer engagement, don’t forget to register for a special 30-minute webcast, scheduled for Wednesday, May 18 at 11 a.m. ET, to learn how you can begin using predictive analytics to boost customer retention and grow your business.