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SPSS Modeler – Installation and Configuration Videos

By Archive User posted Fri February 12, 2016 08:58 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? How about a video? On the Modeler Support team, we thought, "Hey, why not make a few videos of the most common Modeler installations?" So we did!

While these videos are not meant as a replacement for the existing documentation, we hope they will give you a broad understanding of the installation processes.

Need an overview of installing Modeler Client? Our Modeler Client Install video demonstrates installing the client with a network license.
Complete Installation Guides
Detailed System Requirements

For information on Authorized User licenses, view our series on Licensing

Modeler Server on Windows? We got that.
Complete Installation Guides
Detailed System Requirements

How about grep -i 'linux'? See the Modeler 17.1 Server on Linux install using Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.5.
Complete Installation Guides
Detailed system requirements

List of commands:
chmod +x spss_mod_svr_17.1_lx86_ml.bin
sudo ./spss_mod_svr_17.1_lx86_ml.bin -i console
cd /usr/IBM/SPSS/ModelerServer/17.1
sudo ./modelersrv.sh start
sudo ./modelersrv.sh list
sudo ./modelersrv.sh stop

Database access is nice. Accompanying the Linux video is our SPSS Data Access Pack (SDAP) 7.1.1 video. Install the SDAP drivers and configure Modeler to use them, all in a Linux environment.
Complete Installation Documentation
DataDirect Drive Documentation
ODBC Best Practices

List of commands:
chmod +x Linux/SDAP_7.1_Linux64.bin
Linux/SDAP_7.1_Linux64.bin -i console
tar -xzvf SDAP711/SDAP_7.1_linux64.tar.gz -C /opt/ibm/SDAP711
cd /opt/ibm/SDAP711/
chmod +x setodbcpath.sh
chmod +x odbc.sh
cd /usr/IBM/SPSS/ModelerServer/17.1/
sudo ./modelersrv.sh list
sudo nano modelersrv.sh
cd bin
ll libspssodbc.so
sudo rm -f libspssodbc.so
sudo ln -s libspssodbc_datadirect.so libspssodbc.so
ll libspssodbc.so
cd ..
sudo ./modelersrv.sh start

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Tue June 19, 2018 04:28 PM

The link(s) to the 'Detailed System Requirements" on the installation videos page below just goes to the main SPSS Product Page and NOT to any detailed system requirements.