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Watson Discovery Plus and Enterprise Plans Now Available

By ANDREW CABRAL posted Wed November 10, 2021 10:09 AM

IBM today is releasing a revamped version of Watson Discovery that has a slew of features that make intelligent document processing easier and more intuitive for customers. The release also includes the additions of the Plus and Enterprise plans, both of which offer a low-cost entry for customers to experience the power of Watson Discovery with no risk.
Watson Discovery 2.0 incorporates the latest breakthroughs from IBM Research. It includes an Answer Finding feature to extract specific facts as answers from complex verbiage, advances in table identification and retrieval, and an intuitive project-based user interface to name just a few. The Enterprise plan also includes out-of-the-box contract understanding, which lets users quickly find specific legal clauses and concepts
This release addresses pain points we have heard from our customers — that they would like to launch solutions faster with less coding, have access to powerful pre-built natural language processing models, and be able to integrate Discovery more easily with existing document workflows. 
Robust new features
Discovery 2.0 on Plus Plan will include several new features:
  • Project-Based User Interface provides a way to organize your data and customize your Discovery experience for the type of use case you want to enable, whether it be Document Retrieval, Conversational Search, or Content Mining (available only on Enterprise). The project default setting and user interface are optimized for the use case. 
  • Reusable Components empowers customers with scalability as they embed and launch Watson Discovery within their organization by providing a set of pre-built UI components to help you jumpstart the creation of an Intelligent Search application using Discovery.
  • Table Identification & Retrieval enables customers to find answers that were previously hidden or difficult to find due to answers contained within tables. The results shown are in the context of the original source material which provides stronger evidence to the knowledge worker.
  • Rapid Dictionary Creation provides an active learning approach to quickly build custom dictionaries for identifying terms in your documents. Watson Discovery learns from the knowledge that already exists in your corpus, and provides suggestions similar to the example dictionary terms you provide. This work requires no additional software and can be performed by a business user or anyone with domain expertise.
These new features, as well as Answer Finding , which we will discuss shortly, highlight the significant investment that IBM has and continues to put into Watson Discovery that sets it apart from our competition and helps our customers solve their most complex problems.
The Enterprise Plan includes the new features mentioned above as well as:
  • Contract Understanding provides out-of-the-box domain intelligence for contracts, which applies natural language processing specific to use cases like business process automation, governing document review and analysis, and more. Models can be customized and adapted to your domain.
  • Content Miner uses Natural Language Processing to understand context and relationships in text. It searches across documents to surface patterns, trends, anomalies, and the evolution of elements in enterprise content in real time. The user interface is intuitive for business users to quickly see and understand root cause analytics, which provides greater insight into, for example, the overall effectiveness of sales and marketing programs.
Answers instead of lists
A key feature in this release is Answer Finding. Based on years of work from IBM Research, this capability returns a specific fact as a result to a query.
Here's why this is a big deal. Let's say the user enters the query "How much of Earth's crust is made of sodium?" Discovery would look through the documents in its index and encounter the following passage: 
  • "The Earth’s crust is 25 miles, or 40 km deep and is composed of solid rocks and minerals that cooled and solidified when the Earth was young. There are many different elements which can be found in the crust. The 10 most abundant elements (as per the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 97th edition) in the Earth's crust by % of abundance are Oxygen (46.1%), Silicon (28.2%), Aluminum (8.23%), Iron (5.63%), Calcium (4.15%), Sodium (2.36%), Magnesium (2.33%), Potassium (2.09%), Titanium (0.565%), and Hydrogen (0.14)." 
Previously, Discovery would have returned the entire text. With Answer Finding, however, Discovery can now return just "2.36%." 
As a knowledge worker, this is a major boon. Instead of wading through dense verbiage, users now get succinct results. (They still have the option to see the longer passage, too, so they can understand the context of the result.)
Another area where Answer Finding comes in handy is customer care. Watson Discovery is the powerhouse behind Watson Assistant's Search Skill. When Watson Assistant can't find an answer in its intent training, it can turn to Watson Discovery and perform a search. In the example above, instead of getting an 85-word answer in a web chat window, the user would get "2.36%"  — a far superior result. 
For Watson Discovery 2.0 we are making a big change to our pricing by introducing the Plus and Enterprise plans. With the Plus Plan customers can get started with a 30-day trial, after which they can continue with the Discovery service. The Plus plan is a $500 subscription that includes 10,000 documents and 10,000 queries per month. Simply pay for additional documents and queries used.
For even more scale, the Enterprise plan provides all the functions and features of the Plus plan, with advanced features like Content Intelligence and Content Miner. The Enterprise plan is a $5,000 subscription that includes 100,000 documents and 100,000 queries per month. And just like with the Plus plan you simply pay for the additional document and queries used. 
Our goal is to let our customers try all the powerful features of Watson Discovery in a low-cost, no-risk plan. We believe these new features are true differentiators to anything in the market, and we want our customers to see it for themselves. 
For existing customers, the Advanced and Lite plans will continue to provide v1 functionality and pricing, allowing you to see the benefits of moving to Discovery 2.0 without affecting your existing use cases.
We are excited for you to see and try out the new capabilities and plans, to get started just check out Watson Discovery on IBM Cloud here: https://ibm.biz/BdfL3W