What is the Accelerator Catalog?

The Accelerator Catalog is a platform to showcase and share both expertise and assets. The goal is to help our users get acquainted with our products and demonstrate what they are capable of. The Accelerator Catalog is meant to be inclusive of all our users regardless of which skill level.

What kind of content can I access here?

The Accelerator Catalog is made up of various accelerator types spread across the products and services that make up IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data including Cognos Analytics, Watson Knowledge Catalog, Planning Analytics and more. Some content, such as Cognos dashboards and reports are represented by an interactive in-product experience, while other assets, such as Data Sets and Visualizations can be downloaded and brought into your own environments. There are also static assets such as Best Practice Guides and Industry Use Cases to help you get the most out ofyour experience with IBM Analytics. Each asset found on the home page has a Details page that launches the asset and provides additional details including relevant links and author information.

How do I navigate the content on the Accelerator Catalog?

The search bar can be used by entering keywords around what you are looking for. As you type, potential matches will populate based on content available in the Accelerator Catalog. Search options linked to filters on the Accelerator Catalog will show up as filters above the left panel once submitted.

The Filter Panel at the left of the home page can also be used as a means to navigate content. Filter categories such as Accelerator Type, Product, Industry and Business Function can be expanded to show sub-categories underneath. Filters selected will populate on the on the top of the filter panel along with the color of thetags associated with that filter (Ex: Both Dashboard filters and tags will be blue).

Submitted searches and filters will remain constant as you navigate between the home page and asset detail pages within the same browser tab. Searches can be sorted by Date Added, Best Match and Alphabetical Order.

What do the different colored labels represent?

Some of the labels on the tiles are color-coded to indicate the type of information that is presented:

Grey = Product

Blue = Accelerator type

Purple = Industry

Pink = Business function

Green = Author

How can I download Accelerator assets into my own environment?

Some assets on the catalog are downloadable. You can recognize them by a "Download" button on the details page of the accelerator. Other downloadable assetdetail pages guide you to a public page to access the content. Please note that while a given asset may be downloadable, that does not mean that all assets of the same type are downloadable as well.

How do I share feedback ?

To share feedback please reach out to us at accelerator@ca.ibm.com.

How do I submit assets for addition to to the Accelerator Catalog?

To submit assets for inclusion into this catalog please reach out to accelerator@ca.ibm.com. Our team will work with you to assess and integrate your asset into our catalog.

How do I request support with assets on the Accelerator Catalog?

Please note that any assets in the Accelerator Catalog are not covered by IBM Support under any contract or agreement.

For support with IBM authored assets, please reach out to accelerator@ca.ibm.comand allow up to 5 business days for us to investigate and respond back.

For help with assets created by users outside of IBM please reach out to the author through contact information on the details page of the asset in question.

Downloadable assets such as Extensions, Schematics and Custom Visualizations areintended to be functional samples. You can use these samples as-is, or you can modify/extend these samples to suit your own business needs. IBM can not support or troubleshoot these samples for all possible customer environments and configurations.

Please refer to our legal terms and services for further information on the appropriate use of the Accelerator Catalog.