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Warranty 360 Analytics

Tech Mahindra's Warranty-360 aims to bring the customer to a common platform to get meaningful insights, by means of an expandable analytics framework on top of existing IT platform. It uses proven statistical algorithms to deliver consistent high quality insights which in turn reduces warranty cost.

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Key Challenges

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  • Communicating warranty information across the organisation is more critical than ever
  • Multiple systems challenges in getting single view and analysis of warranty data
  • Warranty Reserve at higher side, estimated at $800/vehicle/year with average spend crossing 4% of the Sales revenue.
  • 70% of warranty expenses are due to repetitive failure in the performance of parts
  • No real time collabaration with the OEM/suppliers

Expected Business Outcome


5-10% reduced warranty costs

10-20% increase in supplier recovery

5-10% improvement in first time fix rate

The global warranty management market to grow from USD 1445.5 million in 2016 to USD 3657.89 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 14.18%.

Over 20% of the warranty costs can be reduced with the help of Analytics.

52% opted to develop/improve the business indicators (KPIs) used to measure advanced warranty chain analytics.

35% of the manufacturers opted to improve warranty management-related planning and forecasting activities, optimizing warranty costs - impact on bottom-line and brand image.

Early warning of issues and timely inputs for the vehicle design is key for quality improvement and reduction of warranty cost.

Watch the demo...

Watch the demo

Key Features

Warranty Lifecycle Management

Integrated Data View

Warranty Prediction Model


Actionable insight for the manufacturers at each touch point of the warranty management lifecycle including claims processing, supplier chargeback, and parts/goods return

Integrates data from multiple sources, structured as well as unstructured, like warranty claims, incident reports, financial reports ad social media etc. to provide a holistic view of the process' performance

Advanced algorithms on the data harvested help in predicting future warranty cost, trace part failure, perform customer sentiment analysis, and analyse campaign revenue/profitability

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