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Utilities Customer Attrition Prediction

Use the Utilities Customer Attrition Prediction accelerator to jump-start your analysis and understand why your customers are leaving. Optionally, use Watson OpenScale to monitor and ensure that your models are free from bias.

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Key Challenges

What is an accelerator?
Industry Accelerators are a packaged set of technical assets used to help you tackle your next data science project by addressing your most pressing business challenges. With sample data, notebooks, scripts, a sample application and more, you can kickstart your own implementation and leverage the power of Cloud Pak for Data.

  • In deregulated energy markets, new market entrants are increasing the level of competition, where consumers have a choice of energy provider and are not afraid to look to switching suppliers
  • Research shows that it is much more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer by a ratio of 6:1

Expected Business Outcome


Identify at-risk customers

Improve customer experience

Minimize bias in the model

Using the customer attrition accelerator helps you to identify those customers who are at risk of churning

Proactively engage with the high value customers, possibly preventing the number of customers switching from your utility provider

Understand how your AI models make decisions to detect and mitigate bias

281% better in predicting client attrition than baseline regression models

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Key Features

Information architecture

End-to-end AI Ladder application

Modular framework


An architecture enabling you to extract meaning from your data

From cataloging data through a glossary of terms to model development and deployment, simplify the lifecycle of your AI project

Composable and extensible pattern that can be applied to new data and industries

Highlighted Products for this Accelerator

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Watson Knowledge Catalog

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Watson Studio

Empower your data science and AI teams to refine data and visually build and deploy models, using data on the desktop for anytime, anywhere access.

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Watson Machine Learning

Deploy, monitor, and optimize models quickly, easily, and at scale.

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