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Stock Trading

Predict the best trading action to make better recommendations to your customers.

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Key Challenges

What is an accelerator?
Industry Accelerators are a packaged set of technical assets used to help you tackle your next data science project by addressing your most pressing business challenges. With sample data, notebooks, scripts, a sample application and more, you can kickstart your own implementation and leverage the power of Cloud Pak for Data.

  • Stock trends are challenging to predict and it is difficult to find patterns in data without the proper AI
  • Stock prices are influenced by many external factors and it is hard to determine future prices
  • Traders' view is limited to known and pre-defined policies

Build, run and manage AI models to realize results faster

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Expected Business Outcome


Expedite on-ramp

Automate your trading policies

Make better trading decisions

Get your stock trading models up and running faster

Automate the policy building process of trading decisions based on historical stock price data

Use reinforcement learning and historic stock prices to predict the best trading action for a given security

Watson Machine Learning simplifies and speeds deployment at scale

Learn the economic impact of Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog

Key Features

Information architecture

End-to-end AI Ladder application

Modular framework


An architecture enabling you to automate trade decision prediction with historical stock data

From cataloging data through a glossary of terms to model development and deployment, simplify the lifecycle of your AI project

Composable and extensible pattern that can be applied to new data and industries

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Highlighted Products for this Accelerator

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data accelerates your journey to AI to transform how your business operates with an open, extensible data and AI platform that runs on any cloud.

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Watson Knowledge Catalog

Help your data users quickly find, curate, categorize and share data, analytical models and their relationships with other members of your organization.

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Watson Studio

Empower your data science and AI teams to refine data and visually build and deploy models, using data on the desktop for anytime, anywhere access.

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