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Reducing Severe Weather Risk in Insurance

Severe weather has a significant impact on insurers and their policyholders. This industry accelerator simulates a point in history where there were billions of dollars of damage caused by fire, wind and hail 2 inches in size within the south western part of the United States. This accelerator will help users visualize, analyze and predict severe weather claim damage. It will also uncover which customers have been or will be impacted the most allowing insurers to be be more proactive than reactive resulting in improved customer service scores and reduced churn.

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Key Challenges

What is an accelerator?
Industry Accelerators are a packaged set of technical assets used to help you tackle your next data science project by addressing your most pressing business challenges. With sample data, notebooks, scripts, a sample application and more, you can kickstart your own implementation and leverage the power of Cloud Pak for Data.

  • Claims analysts/adjusters, data engineers, data scientists and analysts all need to leverage large sets of disparate data to analyze the historical impact of severe weather and predict future claim damage. Often this data is hard to find, not trusted and many steps are required to get the insights needed, leading to stagnant data and poor decisions as a result.
  • Financial analysts need timely trusted hyperlocal weather damage data to know where to allocate cash on hand before or after a predicted severe weather event.
  • When customer service is reactive rather than proactive with policyholders impacted from a severe weather event, it can lead to attrition and poor customer satisfaction scores.

Expected Business Outcome


Improve Customer Relationships and Reduce Churn

Visualize the Impact of Predicted and Historical Severe Weather

Collaborate, Optimize, and Simplify the modelOps Workflow

By accessing customer level severe weather predictions, organizations can reach out to them proactively and avoid them signing up with another insurance company.

Use visualizations to allow for proactive planning and smarter decisions with all data in one view.

Collect and connect to all data, organize it, analyze it and infuse it into analytics dealing with severe weather damage on one platform where data engineers, data stewards, data scientists, data analaysts, devleopers and analysts all colloborate under on hybrid cloud solution.

View how on one platform many team players can work as one to be more proactive to retain customers and reduce risk.

Key Features

Key Features

Information architecture

End-to-end AI Ladder application

Modular framework


An architecture enabling you to extract meaning from your data

From cataloging data through a glossary of terms to model development and deployment, simplify the lifecycle of your AI project

Composable and extensible pattern that can be applied to new data and industries

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