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Optimize dashboard layout for mobile devices (11.2.0 and above)

This sample extension will add mobile rendering support to Cognos Analytics dashboards.

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About this accelerator

This sample extension adds mobile rendering support to Cognos Analytics dashboards. Once the extension is uploaded, a new property called Responsive layout (Experimental) will be added to the Properties panel for the dashboard. This property must be enabled in order to activate the responsive layout for the dashboard.

This article addresses how you can use this extension to turn an existing dashboard that was built using Cognos Analytics into a mobile friendly dashboard with only a few steps.

The mobile responsive layout will only be activated on mobile devices when the device width is less than 820 pixels. For example, on an iPad, the responsive layout will activate in vertical mode, but return to normal in landscape mode.

The Dashboard Mobile Layout Extension adjusts the dashboard for a better mobile experience by hiding the Application and Navigation bars, and removing certain actions such as Explore and Pin content.

How does the extension render content?

  • The tab bar will be replaced by a menu, and the title of the selected page will be displayed at the top of the dashboard
  • The page content will be resized to fit the width of the device, and will be rendered one object after the other
  • Groups can be used to organize dashboard content (e.g. visualizations) together. The responsive layout will not adjust how the content inside of the group is placed. It will only adjust the group itself to fit on the screen
  • Groups can used to align widgets like Summaries side-by-side, or any other layout the author chooses
  • The widget's aspect ratio is taken into account when calculating the optimal size of the widget. The aspect ratio is respected in most cases, with some exceptions. If there is available vertical space, the content is given more height to fit the screen. Widgets such as the Data Player and Filters will have a pre-defined height that is optimal for small screens. When in vertical mode, the visualization's height is adjusted to be at least equal to the width
  • The order of the widgets and how they are rendered in the mobile layout depends on the order of the widgets in the dashboard. The order can be controlled by the author by using the Send to front and Send to back action when authoring the dashboard: To move a widget to render last, use the action Send to front. To move a widget to render first, use the action Send to back

What interactivity is supported?

  • The visualization's pan/zoom will be disabled by default. To pan/zoom a map, the map must be selected first using a tap gesture. All other visualization can be panned/zoomed only when in the maximize mode
  • Selecting a data point on a chart using a tap will highlight the data point and show the tooltip content and associated actions at the bottom of the application window
  • A second tap on a highlighted data point will select it and filter other visualizations on the same page
  • Another tap gesture can be used to deselect an already selected datapoint
  • All dialogs (e.g. filters, sorting, top/bottom, navigation groups, forecast, etc.) are shown in a panel at the bottom of the application window

Additional details

  • Accelerator typeExtension
  • IndustryAny
  • Business functionAny
  • Product and version Cognos Analytics - 11.2.0 to Current
  • Author typeIBM
  • Company nameIBM
  • Author nameRami Nassif
  • Last modifiedMay 27th, 2021
  • Language English