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Google bar chart

This sample visualization is a bar chart that is rendered as an image that uses the Google Charts API.

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About this accelerator

A bar chart that is rendered as an image that uses the Google Charts API. This custom visualization code sample provides a way to show how to use a Google bar chart as a custom visualization in IBM Cognos Analytics.

Next Steps: To use this file, click the blue Download button above and save the ZIP file to your local computer. Do not unzip this file. Next, log in to IBM Cognos Analytics and upload the file. For step-by-step instructions on how to build this visualization using sample data, see Google bar chart code sample.

Download Source Code

To view the source code for this sample custom visualization, go to this public GitHub repository. To download the files, navigate to the root of this directory and click the green Code button.

Note: This feature is intended for an advanced custom visualization developer. It is a code sample with specific requirements that provides an opportunity for developers to extend their visualizations. If you are not a visualization developer, IBM Cognos Analytics comes with a full set of powerful visualizations that are ready to use.

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Additional details

  • Accelerator typeVisualization
  • IndustryAny
  • Business functionAny
  • Product and version Cognos Analytics - 11.1.7 to Current
  • Author typeIBM
  • Company nameIBM
  • Author name IBM
  • Last modifiedAugust 14th, 2020
  • Language English