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Customer Online Comments Organizer

This application will allow companies to view comments in a more organized manner and to more easily view customers' specific positive or negative feedback.

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Key Challenges

What is an accelerator?
Industry Accelerators are a packaged set of technical assets used to help you tackle your next data science project by addressing your most pressing business challenges. With sample data, notebooks, scripts, a sample application and more, you can kickstart your own implementation and leverage the power of Cloud Pak for Data.

  • 84% of the people trust reviews as much as personal recommendation. 95% of consumers are influenced by online reviews for their purchase. More than four negative reviews about a company, brand or product can decrease sales by 70%.
  • To stay relevant and trustworthy, managing online reputation is imperative
  • Unmanaged feedback can cause loss of opportunity to connect with customers, understand expectations of customers, and address the problems

Expected Business Outcome


Happy customer

Improved products

Increase sales

Organized review feedback system can foster trust and accelerate brands response to customer review.

Feedback categorization can help brand understand customer preferences thereby improving the prroduct.

Faster response to customer reviews increase conversion rate of the customer.

Key Features

Key Features

Information architecture

End-to-end AI Ladder application

Modular framework


An architecture enabling you to extract meaning from your data

From cataloging data through a glossary of terms to model development and deployment, simplify the lifecycle of your AI project

Composable and extensible pattern that can be applied to new data and industries

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