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Credit Card Default

Identify at-risk credit card holders and reach out proactively with account-saving promotions.

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Key Challenges

What is an accelerator?
Industry Accelerators are a packaged set of technical assets used to help you tackle your next data science project by addressing your most pressing business challenges. With sample data, notebooks, scripts, a sample application and more, you can kickstart your own implementation and leverage the power of Cloud Pak for Data.

  • Of the American families that spend more than they receive each month, 43% borrow and use credit cards to finance the shortfall
  • 48% of credit card users make minimum payments on their credit cards and have an amount roll over to the next month
  • In its annual stress tests, the Federal Reserve models credit card loss rates for large banks to be 11.3% in an adverse scenario and 16.35% in a severely adverse scenario

Get personal with your banking and insurance clientele

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Expected Business Outcome


Expedite on-ramp

Offer targeted assistance

Mitigate credit loss

Get your credit card default prediction models up and running faster

Use predictions to identify potential defaulters and provide tailored offers to help customers manage their debt

Take proactive measures to limit the occurrences of defaults and prevent potential losses

Reskill or upskill to simplify your decisions from predictions to mitigate loss from credit card default.

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Key Features

Information architecture

End-to-end AI Ladder application

Modular framework


An architecture enabling you to extract meaning from your data to prediction and prevent loss around credit card default

From cataloging data through a glossary of terms to model development and deployment, simplify the lifecycle of your AI project

Composable and extensible pattern that can be applied to new data and industries

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