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Create time dimension

This accelerator creates a time dimension for a specific year that is specified as a parameter.

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About this accelerator

For download and installation instructions, see Video How to download and use a TI Process.

You can use TurboIntegrator (TI) to design a process that recognizes the data structure of the source and transforms it into the structure TM1 that needs. When the TI process is designed, you can re-run it or schedule it to be used when you import data from a dynamic source. For more information, see TurboIntegrator basics.

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Additional details

  • Accelerator typeTI process
  • IndustryAny
  • Business functionAny
  • Product and version Planning Analytics - 2.0.0 to Current
  • Author typeIBM
  • Company nameIBM Business Solutions
  • Author name Business Solutions
  • Last modifiedMay 9th, 2020
  • Language English