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COVID-19 related travel restrictions

Examine the implementation of international travel restrictions by governments across the world.

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About this accelerator

One of the first measures taken against the spread of SARS-CoV2 Coronavirus has been governments implementing international travel restrictions across the world. This led to restrictions imposed by various authorities and these restrictions are changing quite often. Natural language processing was used to extract country-specific travel restrictions mentioned in numerous sources and visualized in this dashboard.

This dashboard shows the entry limitations for foreign travelers for the selected country on the map as well as the possible travel destinations for the selected country.

You can find more information in the blog here:

About the Data

Data source: WFP - World Food Programme. COVID-19 global travel restrictions and airline information. Humanitarian Data Exchange. Data accessed daily. License: Creative Commons Attribution International

About the Authors

We are a team of data scientists from IBM's Data Science & AI Elite Team, IBM's Cloud Pak Acceleration Team, and Rolls-Royce's R2 Data Labs working on Regional Risk-Pulse Index: forecasting and simulation within Emergent Alliance. Have a look at our challenge statement!

A dashboard helps you to monitor events or activities at a glance by providing key insights and analysis about your data on one or more pages or screens. For more information, see Creating a dashboard.

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  • Accelerator typeDashboard
  • IndustryTravel and Transportation
  • Business functionOperations
  • Product and version Cognos Analytics - 11.1.7 to Current
  • Language English