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A free tool for data entry and management for Cognos Analytics. From simple comment apps to complex workflows, remove complex Excel applications with Cognos Analytics and Apparo.

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About this accelerator

Version: Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 to Current

Use this free tool to create embedded forms and masks with a few mouse clicks, create simple planning apps, and collect Excel data into your relational databases.

Key features:

  • Data entry is fully traceable, quality assured, and all functions are fully user (group) access rights controlled - using the Cognos security system.
  • Define multi-level workflows with email notifications.
  • Define powerful applications for data management for your office workers and replace hard to maintain Excel sheets.
  • Write your own applications with business logic, completely integrated into your existing Cognos environment.
  • A powerful Excel interface allows you to easily import Excel data into your database via copy and paste or file import (automated or manual or simply by sending Excel files via email attachment).

Please watch our demo video.

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Visit our website and download/install the trial version:

Enter Apparo Small License as your product key, which has no time or feature restrictions, and is suitable for small teams.

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Additional details

  • Accelerator typeTools
  • IndustryAny
  • Business functionAny
  • Product and version Cognos Analytics - 11.0.13 to Current
  • Author typePartner
  • Company nameApparo
  • Author name Apparo
  • Last modifiedSeptember 13th, 2021
  • Language English