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24Retail book set (2.0.56 and below)

The 24Retail book set shows how you can streamline contributions to financial data using sample data. The sample books include Income Statement, Target Setting, Headcount, Capital, Operational Expenses, Product, and Supply Chain.

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About this accelerator

You can use books to present related business data such as reports, plans, and scorecards in one place; the ability to work on what-if scenarios in sandboxes may be enabled too. Books can also be used for modeling data, such as creating cubes, dimensions, and rules.

For installation instructions, see Planning Analytics sample databases and books installation guide.

Books can contain cube views, charts, scorecards, dimension selectors, graphics, videos, and links to web pages. You can do the following tasks in a book:

  • Collect and arrange content to support a process
  • Add navigation and text to guide users through a process
  • Customize the formatting and layout by adding logos, videos, graphics, and applying formats and text styles
  • Include content from different cubes and databases in the same book
  • Share books and views with people

For more information, see Books.

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Additional details

  • Accelerator typeModel solution
  • IndustryRetail
  • Business functionAny
  • Product and version Planning Analytics - 2.0.0 to 2.0.56
  • Author typeIBM
  • Company nameIBM
  • Author name IBM
  • Last modifiedOctober 29th, 2020
  • Language English