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What’s New in IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS V7.5.0 Fix Pack 3

The V7.5.0 Fix Pack 3 level of monitoring for IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus is now available. This level of OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS offers several improvements. The enhanced 3270UI now includes more support for viewing messages on queues, including the dead letter queue, which are...

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OMEGAMON for Db2 takes advantage of AI/ML while leveraging Db2 AI for z/OS

#Db2ZAI #Db2Tools #OMEGAMON #IBMZ #Db2 ​ ​​​​​ Business cycles are accelerating, new technologies are rapidly improving how organizations compete, and data-driven organizations are challenging and disrupting customary business approaches => New business and IT dynamics are driving...

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IBM delivers new graphical user experience for IBM Z Monitoring

On April 28, 2020, IBM announced IBM ® Z Tivoli ® Management Services for z/OS, V6.3.1, which introduces the new IBM ® Z Service Management Explorer for z/OS. This new offering is the strategic graphical user experience for IBM ® Z subject matter experts. It is intended not only to...

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Ansible for z/OS with Bryant Panyarachun

Big thanks to Bryant Panyarachun from San Jose, CA for joining us and giving a deep dive on his work with Ansible so far. This recording is an informative one, so grab your coffee and settle in. If you'd like more information on this topic, let @Theresa Hans know and we'll set up follow up...

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IBM® Z OMEGAMON® announces Day 1 support for IBM CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS®, V5.6

Exciting news - IBM CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS®, V5.6 has been released on 12 th June 2020 and we have it covered. In continued collaboration with our IBM family, we are pleased to announce IBM CICS ® Transaction Server for z/OS ® , V5.6 Day one support with IBM® Z OMEGAMON® for...

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APIS IT社様 IBM Z Operations Analytics事例 〜IBMのテクノロジーにより、AIOpsを利用してハイブリッドクラウ ドのワークロードを向上させる

APIS IT社様では、IBM Z Operations Analyticsを利用して、ハイブリッドクラウドの可視化とプロアクティブな障害検知を実現しています。メインフレームと分散環境を同じ手法で統合管理する運用体制とすることで、分散担当者のメインフレームに対する抵抗もなくなり、開発ワークロードを向上させました。 こちら に事例情報文書を公開いたします。 #IBM-Z-Japan #IBM #ITOperations #IBMZ #IZOA #IZCDP

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Making workload automation simple for today’s fast-moving businesses

Do you need to make it easier for your developers and systems programmers to integrate scheduling into their applications and business processes? Is your enterprise exploiting the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe ™ tooling platform for z/OS ? Well now you can! By leveraging IBM Z...

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Blockchain & LinuxOne Harmony

We explained what is Blockchain and why LinuxOne is the perfect infrastructure for Blockchain with my colleague @Mustafa Mert Askaroglu . Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to ask questions afterwards. Introduction Blockchain is one of the trending technologies in recent days....

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See how to avoid and detect bad code files in the new graphic novel from IBM Z

In the modern world, a company’s success is tied to how quickly they can respond to their customer’s needs. This drives IT decisions as the company refines existing services or launches new offerings to meet customer demand. Thus it should be no surprise that the resulting IT demands greater...

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IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS 〜 そのデータ、本当にz/OS上に置く必要がありますか?

z/OS のストレージは、オンライン系処理には高額だが速度の速い Flash Disk 、バックアップ処理等アクセス頻度が低く低価格で処理したいものにはテープといったように、保管するデータの特性に合わせて最適な媒体を選択することが求められます。 これは限られたシステム・リソースを最も効果的に活用し、運用コストの最適化を実現するものです。 IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS は、この z/OS ストレージの選択肢の一つとして、クラウドを追加することを可能にしました。クラウドは、アクセス速度は低速ながら...

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